Worried About Receiving the Rent Check? There's a Fix for ThatIf you’ve owned rental property for any length of time, then you have likely asked yourself more than once, “I wonder when – or if – the rent will come in this month.” Even with the best of tenants, there can sometimes be issues with the timely receipt of the rent check. But, there is a way to fix that. ┬áRather than sending out notices, calling your tenants with reminders, or worse yet, having to show up at the door in order to collect your funds, today’s technology can put you back in the driver’s seat and assure you that the rent money will be in your account on time.

For example, by using an electronic payment system, the rent payments from your tenants can be automatically deposited into your account – not only saving you a visit to your tenant, but also saving you a trip to the bank in order to make the deposit.

Today, more landlords are using systems like PayPal or ClearNow for rent collection. They are easy to set up, and they will only take out just a small percentage in fees – which can be well worth it when considering the amount of time (and lost sleep) that can be saved.

If you are seeking a fix for more than just the retrieval of rent, hiring an experienced property manager could be the answer. By doing so, you can rely on a third party to handle calls from tenants, repairs and maintenance, and the timely receipt of your rental income.

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