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Incentive Properties offers full property management services at a competitive rate with superior customer service. Our commitment to customer service is backed by our $0 cancellation policy, which has built our reputation in the property management industry.

The benefits of choosing Incentive Properties starts with our talented staff and full service property management services.

We offer:


Full Service Property Management

Our professional property managers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This allows for us to maintain superior property management services while leaving you stress free. Our managers ensure that your property is taken care of by inspecting the property regularly, managing tenant relations, and placing work orders for necessary maintenance repairs in a timely manner. Our staff is also here to make certain that your rent is collected and deposited into your bank account. Incentive Properties also offers auto-payments for both the Tenants and Property Owner’s via ACH transfer. The auto-payments are deposited to the respective accounts on the 15th of each month. Lastly, if ever a legal situation should arise, our managers will be here to help you through the process.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

tenant screeningEnsuring that you property is filled with qualified tenants is our main priority at Incentive Properties. In order to find a qualified tenant, we have created a Comprehensive Tenant Screening process that has proven to significantly reduce the chances of a tenant defaulting on their monthly charges.

The Comprehensive Tenant Screening process includes:

– A national credit report on every adult applicant
– An eviction search
– Verification of former landlord references
– Verification of the applicant’s employment and/or income
– Nationwide criminal background check on all adult applicants, including sex offender lists

Move In and Move Out Inspections
Our move-in and move-out inspections are a full walk-through with both interior and exterior photos of the property. We include a full written report for both the property owner and the tenants. This provides peace of mind for the landlords to protect their property and residents to assure the return of their security deposit. In addition to the inspections, our managers also provide training to the tenant on all systems in the home including A/C, irrigation, and all appliances.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance
Incentive Properties has licensed property managers available around the clock. In addition to our licensed property managers we also have a licensed General Contractor on staff with contracts in all major industries including plumbing, HVAC and electrical. For all repair or maintenance services we provide a copy of the subcontractor’s invoice and charge a 15% premium on the maintenance work done. This premium helps to cover additional overhead incurred for managing this process. We pride ourselves on achieving quality repair work at affordable prices, and utilizing our own maintenance staff allows the prices to be 15%-30% less than our competitors.

We also provide optional services such as lawn service, pool care, and pest control at an additional cost arranged between Incentive Properties and the property owner.

Accounting and Disbursement of Rent
Disbursement of funds happens every month by the 15th. The property owner will receive a monthly statement in the form of an email, from Incentive Properties, as well as the ACH balance transfer of the funds. Along with our emailed monthly statements, we also provide property owners with our web based system that allow for you to log in and view past and current monthly statements and work orders. Conveniently located on our website, your information is accessible at the click of a button.

Rent Collection and Eviction Process
pay rent management servicesIncentive Properties makes paying the rent an easy process for our tenants. Our tenants have the ability to go online and pay the rent directly through our website. In addition to our online payment system, we also give our tenants the ability to pay their rent at their local 7-Eleven. If none of those options work for the tenant, we always allow for them to either mail or stop by the office and drop off their payment.
Incentive Properties collects rent on the 3rd of every month. If it is not received by the 7th we post a 3 day notice for payment. If payment is still not made by the 15th, we then notify the property owner and proceed to contact an attorney.

Evictions are a rare occurrence at Incentive Properties; however, we cannot accept the responsibility for a default payment by a tenant. Incentive Properties does help with all aspects of the eviction process. We assist the property owner with everything from the eviction notices, to the forwarding of paperwork to a lawyer. We do not charge the property owner anything for the management of this process, but if costs are incurred, these are the costs of the landlord.


If you have any more questions about property management, please take a look at our Property Management FAQs page.

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