Using Technology To Evaluate Your Real Estate DealsToday, it seems like everyone is glued to their smart phones, whether it’s for business or personal use. For real estate investors who have not yet jumped into the technology scene, there are some apps available today that could have you changing your mind.

Property Evaluator

Using Property Evaluator, if you find a property that you that you’re considering purchasing, you can just simply input information like the address, expenses, financing details, and the projected rent, and the app will come back with a plethora of financial figures. For example, this app will provide you with projections for buying and holding, as well as give a purchase analysis for just one single property, or even a whole portfolio.

The Zillow App

This app is pretty similar to the actual Zillow website. However, by having the app on your phone, you will have a great deal of information with you when you go to check out potential new purchases of property. Just some of the information that you’ll have in the palm of your hand includes recent comps, the price and other details of a particular home, and estimates on how much a property will rent for.

The Landlord App

As a landlord, the Landlord App can be priceless – especially if you manage your own properties and need to keep track of multiple details. Here, you can have everything you need right on your smart phone, such as tracking who has and hasn’t paid their rent yet that month, along with the overall performance of your property portfolio. This one will also provide you with the ability to upload postings for your rentals directly to Craigslist.

If you are a property owner who prefers not to deal with the day to day details, working in conjunction with a property manager can help you to make use of your time in other areas, while still knowing that the day to day duties of maintenance and tenant issues are being taken care of. For more information on how to partner with a property manager in the Orlando and surrounding area, Contact Us.