Putting Your Rental Property Hurricane Recovery Plan in PlaceThose who live or own property on or near the coast are likely well aware of the potential damages that can be incurred by a hurricane. This is especially the case during more active seasons.

With that in mind, it is important to have a rental recovery plan in place that can better ensure that the proper steps are taken quickly in order to get property repaired, in turn, allowing your tenants less disruption in their lives.

Prior to a hurricane occurring, landlords should be sure to take certain pre-cautionary steps, such as boarding up windows and glass doors, as well as securing or removing any exterior items that could be picked up by the wind.

Depending on the type of property (or properties) you own, you may also consider setting up portable lighting in parking lots, and / or installing generators where they may be needed. That way, should the power be out for an extended period of time, tenants can at least have some amount of light and / or a source of cooler air.

It is also essential to have a team of “first responders” in place, such as insurance adjusters and contractors, so that the damage can be assessed, and repairs and replacements can be attended to more rapidly. It can oftentimes be beneficial to assess the physical condition of your property prior to the event, including taking “before” photos, to make it easier for the insurance company afterwards.

Preparing your investment property for a natural disaster can be time consuming. If you own rental property in the Orlando or Central Florida area and you are seeking a way to reduce the time you spend on your investments – yet you still want to reap the financial rewards – hiring an experienced property manager can help.

In doing so, you can delegate the time-consuming duties of property maintenance and tenant management, in turn, freeing up a great deal of your time. For more information, Contact Us today.