Are You Neglecting Some of Your Landlord Duties?While landlords will often have a list of do’s and don’ts for their tenants to abide by, there are also certain duties that the owner or manager of a property is typically obligated to do. Whether or not these all get checked off the proverbial list, though, depends on how hands-on you are with your investments.

One of the biggest of these is taking care of the property’s general maintenance. Although there are certain items that will be up to the tenant – such as vacuuming and general clean-up – there is a list of items that most tenants should not have to deal with, such as:

  • Appliance maintenance / repair / replacement
  • Cleaning out the gutters
  • Replacing the filters on the A/C and heating system
  • Unclogging the toilet and / or tub
  • Keeping up-to-date on general safety and building code requirements

Another landlord duty will usually entail pest control. In the sunshine state, there can be a plethora of insects and other critters that want to make use of your property all year round – but the tenants should not typically be required to arrange and / or pay for pest control services.

If you are the owner of a multi-unit property, it is also the responsibility of the landlord to help ensure that all of the tenants in the building can reasonably enjoy their home. In some cases, then, this can mean reminding certain tenants that late night noise and disruptions will not be tolerated.

Keeping up with a long list of landlord duties can be somewhat time consuming – and it could even eat away at the time you need to do other things. That being the case, working with a property manager can provide the ideal solution. For more information on what duties a property manager can lift from your shoulders, contact us today.