Regardless of how many investment properties or units you own, it is likely that at some point, you will receive a call from a tenant stating that the kitchen faucet is leaking. If this is the case, there is a way to Fast and Easy Kitchen Faucet Replacement - Even If You're Not a Professional Contractorensure that you can “cure” the leak, while at the same time, giving the unit’s kitchen a small makeover – even if you aren’t a pro with a wrench and screwdriver.

In fact, when following just a few simple steps, a kitchen faucet can typically be replaced within less than an hour. These steps include first turning off both the cold and the hot water supply lines. This will allow you to remove the old faucet without turning the kitchen sink area into a fountain. By using an adjustable wrench, you can then disconnect the old faucet hoses from the supply lines. Likewise, be sure to remove the nut that holds the old faucet in place.

Once the old faucet has been removed, feed the hose (or hoses) that are attached to the new faucet. Then, once you have attached the deck plate or gasket to the bottom of the new faucet mechanism, feed the hose(s) through and align all so that the spout is facing forward, and all of the holes in the sink are totally covered.

Depending on the thickness of the kitchen countertop, you may need to use a support bracket to ensure that the faucet’s hoses are flush with the base of the sink. You will also need to slide the metal circular washer that came with the new faucet’s installation kit over the hose(s) and other hardware. Be sure to then tighten the nut as much as is possible.

The final step entails connecting the new faucet hoses to the cold and hot water supply lines. Here, while you don’t want to tighten them too much, making sure that the connections are snug is important. Once you have completed the job, be sure to test the faucet and make sure it works. By allowing the water to run for at least 10 or 15 minutes, you can also check to ensure that there are no leaks.

If repairing and replacing items in your rental properties is something that you’d rather not deal with on a day to day basis, working with a property manager can be a solution. Give us a call if you own rental units – either single family or multi-family properties – in or around the Orlando area. We’ll provide you with additional details on how you can still benefit from your investment(s) while focusing your time on doing other things.