While many homeowners – both those who are preparing to sell, and those who are planning to stay – are oftentimes worried about their property’s “curb appeal,” is this something that really matters when you own investment real estate?

The answer is, in a word, yes – and there are a number of good reasons for this.

Does Curb Appeal Matter with Investment Property?First and foremost, regardless of whether you own single family or multi-family properties, presenting a nice, appealing look can help you in finding good, quality tenants – tenants who are also likely more apt to keep the property looking good when they’re residing there.

If, for instance, the outside of your property gives more of a run-down appearance, higher quality tenants may choose to forgo even giving it a closer look, as it is doubtful that they’d be interested in living there. In this case, you may still attract potential tenants – but they may not be the ones you consider ideal.

Giving – and keeping – your rental properties a nice curb appeal doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or time consuming. For instance, simply keeping the grass and bushes cut, and even adding a few colorful flowers, can do the trick.

You will also want to make sure that the doors and windows are updated and clean. In addition, by providing ample lighting outside of the home, it can appear much more inviting to residents and visitors (and less appealing for potential vandals or thieves).

If you are short on time as a property owner, there are ways that you can delegate the necessary upkeep and maintenance of your rental homes. This is through working with an experienced property management team.

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