Creating an Effective Listing for Your Rental PropertyRegardless of whether you own just one rental property, or multiple units, the key to profiting is to ensure that your investment(s) is / are filled with good-paying tenants who will take good care of the property. The first step in accomplishing this is to create an effective listing so that it attracts your ideal renters.

When doing so, it is important to keep in mind that, just like any other type of advertisement, you only have a few seconds to capture a potential tenant’s attention before they decide to either keep reading, or move on to something else.

Given that, having an eye-catching title on your ads can help to pull readers in – and make them want to know more. This should lead in to an informative description of the property’s features, as well as any additional amenities (such as a pool, laundry facilities, etc.) it may have.

In addition to a well-written and enticing description, all good rental property listings should also ideally include several nice photos. This can help potential tenants to more clearly imagine themselves actually living there.

As you create your property listing, remember that the best ads are those that describe the unit in the very best light, and essentially give the reader enough information to want to take the next step and take a look at the property in person.

Marketing your rentals can take time – especially if you own multiple properties. But there is a away to turn over the responsibility of finding and screening tenants, as well as other duties like rent collection and making property repairs. That is by hiring an experienced property manager.

If you’d like more details on what a property manager can do for you, while still allowing you to earn a nice profit from your rentals, then just give us a call today.