Collecting Rent Payments Online Can Help to Ensure Timely Incoming Cash Flow for LandlordsOne of the best parts (if not THE best part) of being a rental real estate owner is the regular incoming cash flow that you can count on. But in some cases, knowing exactly when (or even IF) the rent check is coming can leave you with uncertainty.

The good news is that today, given the ease and convenience of the Internet, there are now ways that you can set up tenants’ rent money to arrive on a set date each and every month. This, in turn, can make your life much easier.

There are actually a number of online rent collection services that are available today. Some of the top ones include:

With, you just set up the details of the rent and when it is due. Your tenants can opt to pay either via their checking account, or with a debit or credit card. This program also allows you to see all payments from your tenants in one place.
As a landlord, is free for you. If the tenant chooses to pay through their checking account, it is also free for them. There is a fee to the tenant, however, if they use debit or credit to make their rent payments.


With TrueRent, tenants can also choose to use a checking account, or a credit card to pay their rent. TrueRent also offers tenant screening and background check services at a discount to landlords who use their rent payment service.


With RentMerchant, tenants can pay their rent automatically by check, credit card, or PayPal. This, too, can make rent collection easy and convenient.

If you’re seeking both rent collection and maintenance for your properties, hiring an experienced property manager in the area can be beneficial. That way, you can delegate all of the time-consuming tasks of running your rentals. For more information on all of the services offered by a property management team, give us a call today.