The Best Ways to List Your Property For RentOne of a landlord’s biggest nightmares is having available properties with no current rent-paying tenants. That’s because this can equate to no income from that property – although there is still oftentimes a mortgage, utilities, and other expenses to keep paying.┬áIf your properties are sitting vacant, then, what are some of the best ways to get your units in front of potential renters? There are actually a couple of good options.

First, unlike in years gone by, the Internet offers a great way to showcase your property for rent, without having to answer endless phone calls or show the unit to people who really just want to browse.

Some of the top sites for getting your property exposure include:

  • Zillow Rental Manager – With Zillow Rental Manager, you can create extremely detailed listings – and, each listing that you create on this site is automatically distributed to other partner websites, such as Trulia, RentBits, and even Facebook. This can help to truly maximize your reach. In addition, when one tenant leaves and you’re ready to market the same property again, you don’t have to re-create the listing.
  • Craigslist – While Craigslist certainly has its pros and cons, the reality is that there are many potential tenants who search this site first when looking for a new place to live. And, with roughly 50 billion page views per month, it can definitely bring you closer to a signed lease.

If your properties are taking up more time than you would like to spend, it could be time to consider bringing a professional property manager on board. That way, you can leave the responsibilities of finding and screening tenants to someone else.

Want more details on how partnering with a property manager works? Give Incentive Properties a call today. We’ll show you how you can still benefit from your rental units, without the day-to-day involvement.