Real Estate Related Careers That Could Compliment Your Property InvestingIf you currently own rental property and you are also considering making a new career move with your “regular” job, then you may want to think about moving forward with an affiliated profession that will allow you to make money, while at the same time becoming more immersed in the real estate field. This is particularly the case if you have a passion for property investing and you want to become more involved in this area.

There are any number of professions in the real estate and real estate related niche that you could consider, such as:

  • Property Appraiser
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Loan Underwriter
  • Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Broker
  • Contractor
  • Customer Service Rep for a Rental or Vacation Property Management company
  • Title Company Representative

Working in the real estate arena can allow you to learn more about this field each day, while you are being paid. In addition, depending on the area that you decide to focus on, you could also come into contact on a regular basis with real estate professionals and other property investors, who can provide you with additional tips and information (and which could ultimately lead to you finding, purchasing, and profiting from more properties in your personal portfolio).

Is managing your property and / or tenants actually taking up more time that you had planned? If so, an experienced property manager could be the answer. By working with a property management team, you can delegate a long list of time consuming duties, such as collecting rent, coordinating repairs, and even evicting problem tenants.

If you own rental property in Orlando and / or the surrounding Central Florida area, and you want more information on property management services and costs, give Incentive Properties a call today.