3 Considerations When You Own Rental Property with a PoolOwning any property in the Sunshine State could mean that there is a pool in the yard. But when it comes to rental homes, even though pools can be an attractive amenity to offer your potential tenants, there are some factors to consider.

1) Maintenance

Jumping in a back yard pool on a hot day can be extremely refreshing and relaxing – but at what cost? Pools can be extremely maintenance intensive. This includes regular activities like vacuuming, skimming, and cleaning the filter, as well as chlorinating and adjusting the needed chemicals.

With that in mind, if you secure a tenant who is experienced with pool maintenance, you could consider having them take care of many of these duties. But you should be sure that they will make good on their word. Otherwise, if the pool ends up being neglected, it can be extremely costly to get it back into shape.

2) Additional Insurance

Having a pool can actually be a liability when it comes to potential injuries – or worse. Because of that, you will need to carry additional insurance coverage for liability, as well as for any damage that the pool could sustain.

3) Rules

When you visit any public location that has a pool, you’ll typically find a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” posted at the entrance. These usually include items such as no running and no diving in the shallow end.

The same should hold true for a pool that is included with your rental property – as well as a few additional items, such as ensuring that the tenant will maintain the pool properly and / or that they will let you know immediately if something goes wrong.

Given the added time and effort that a pool can command, it may make sense to turn over the responsibilities of the maintenance and property management to a professional. This can allow you to free up more of your time, while knowing that all of the important duties are taken care of.

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