How to Keep Your Rental Real Estate Investments Protected During Hurricane Season

With the 2021 hurricane season officially underway, keeping your real estate investment property(ies) safe may be a top priority. The good news is that there are things you can do ahead of time to make sure that you, your properties, and your tenants are all well prepared.

One way to help with preventing wind damage is to trim trees and remove any loose branches. Clearing out gutters around the house or building can also be beneficial for making sure that heavy rains drain properly.

Installing roof clips and/or hurricane straps is another important measure to take. These small metal brackets can be placed between the unsupported edges of sheathing to stiffen the plywood, which in turn, can allow the roof to better withstand strong winds. Tying down small shrubs and trees can also be helpful for preventing flying debris.

If your property(ies) has a sump pump, be sure that this is tested before the bad weather hits, along with checking all of the drains. In addition, if you own property in a flood-prone area, having sandbags available (or already in place) is highly recommended.

Communicating with your tenants can also be beneficial. For example, making sure that the occupants of your property(ies) know about safety precautions and preparations could help to prevent or reduce damages. In this case, having a hurricane checklist available makes it easy for tenants to keep what’s important to them – and you – safe.

If managing your rental properties is taking up too much of your time, hiring an experienced property manager can allow you to delegate a variety of tasks, while at the same time still benefitting from your investment(s). So, if you own residential investment property in Orlando and/or the surrounding Central Florida area, contact Incentive Properties at (407) 279-1876 for more details on how we can make your life easier – even during hurricane season.